Windsor Range - Classic Pine Planters

Our largest, longest and widest, woodiest planters

The Windsor range has a choice of 12 sizes of planter, plus The Herbery, including our largest trough at over 2 metres in length. They are available as either a square or trough, with standard or acorn top finials or studio legs, and a choice of Lattice or plain sides. The largest of these planters are strengthened with a central divider.

The Herbery is a large planter suitable for a small herb garden display with 9 separate planting sections. Removable plant divides allows you to choose the layout.

Technical Specification:

Made from the most popular of softwoods, Pine.

Tongue and Groove for strong construction, moulded top rails, each panel is fully framed Colour finishes are natural (untreated), environmentally friendly brown or green preservative.

Available sizes are as follows:

Code Type Length Width Height
WRS30 Square 30 762mm (30ins) 762mm (30ins) 711mm(28ins)
WRS36 Square 36 915mm (36ins) 915mm (36ins) 711mm (28ins)
WRS42 Square 42 1069mm(42ins) 1069mm(42ins) 711mm(28ins)
WRS48 Square 48 1219mm(48ins) 1219mm(48ins) 711mm(28ins)
WRT4824 Trough 4824 1219mm (48ins) 610mm (24ins) 508mm (20ins)
WRT6024 Trough 6024 1524mm (60ins) 610mm (24ins) 508mm (20ins)
WRT7224 Trough 7224 1829mm (72ins) 610mm (24ins) 508mm (20ins)
WRT8424 Trough 8424 2134mm (84ins) 610mm (24ins) 508mm(20ins)
WRT4830 Trough 4830 1219mm (48ins) 762mm (30ins) 610mm (24ins)
WRT6030 Trough 6030 1524mm(60ins) 762mm(30ins) 610mm(24ins)
WRT7230 Trough 7230 1829mm (72ins) 762mm (30ins) 610mm (24ins)
WRT8430 Trough 8430 2134mm (84ins) 762mm(30ins) 610mm(24ins)
WRTH The Herbery 900mm (36ins) 900mm (36ins) 400mm (16ins)

Trough 7224 with lattice side panels and original style finilas

The Square 36 Planter in natural finish has plain sides and standard finial legs

Square 30 Planter illustrating the studio leg

The Herbery - a large planter with 9 planting sections