Sheffield Range - Galvanised & Powder Coated Planters

Provides a stunning solution for street scene dilemmas

The Sheffield range of galvanised and powder coated planters’ combines quality, sturdiness and durability with both modern and traditional designs. Available in five distinct shapes, Window boxes, Troughs, Cubes, Squares and Cylinders, these planters afford strength and aesthetic appeal whilst providing both a cost effective and long lasting solution. With 250 colours to choose from, matching your town colours is no problem.

Technical Specification:

Hand made using high quality galvanised and Zintec steel for powder coating.

Available sizes are as follows:

Code Type Length Width Height
SRWB600 Window Boxes 600mm(24ins) 200mm (8ins) 200mm (8ins)
SRWB900 900mm (36ins) 200mm (8ins) 200mm (8ins)
SRWB1200 1200mm (40ins) 200mm (8ins) 200mm (8ins)
SRT600 Trough 600mm (24ins) 300mm (12ins) 300mm (12ins)
SRT900 900mm (36ins) 300mm (12ins) 300mm (12ins)
SRT1200 1200mm (40ins) 300mm (12ins) 300mm (12ins)
SRT1500 1500mm (59ins) 300mm (12ins) 400mm (16ins)
SRCB400 Cube 400mm (16ins) 400mm (16ins) 400mm (16ins)
SRCB500 500mm(20ins) 500mm (20ins) 500mm (20ins)
SRCB600 600mm (24ins) 600mm (24ins) 600mm (24ins)
SRCB750 750mm (30ins) 750mm (30ins) 750mm (30ins)
SRS1000 Square 1000mm (39ins) 1000mm (39ins) 600mm (24ins)

Code Type Diameter Height
SRCY300 Cylinders 300mm (12ins) 300mm (12ins)
SRCY400 400mm (16ins) 400mm (16ins)
SRCY500 500mm (20ins) 500mm (20ins)
SRCY600 600mm (24ins) 600mm (24ins)

Planted up Galvanised Cylinder, Trough and Squares

The biggest 1000mm (39ins) square fully planted with bamboo

A black powder coated cube ready for use