Oak Whisky Barrels

A touch of recycling, direct from Scotland

Genuine Ex-Distillery Solid Oak Barrels - used for the maturing of whisky. These are aesthetically pleasing as planters or as a display feature. All available as halves or full barrels.

Cradle Barrel Planters – These unusual and original half barrels planters are ideal for enhancing any town or village needing to retain its rustic charm. They come with a robust integrated stand for rigidity and strength.

Basket Butt Planters – A stunning and original design, this is our biggest barrel planter ideal for a large imposing display for maximum impact.

Barrel Towers – Available in single, double or three tiers with a solid steel support post, these are great planters provide a splash of colour in any setting. Looking good, outside your pub, in the park or any public space in need of summer colour

Technical Specification:

Matured Oak soaked in whisky.

*Please note that due to the individual manufacture of barrels all the following dimensions are approximate.

Half Barrel Dimensions*
Code Size Weight Diameter Height
BL BARREL 25kg (55lb) 600mm (24ins) 440mm (17ins)
HD HOGSHEAD 34kg (74lb) 765mm (30ins) 525mm (20ins)
PN PUNCHEON 45kg (100lb) 915mm (36ins) 580mm (22ins)
BT BUTT 85kg (187lb) 915mm (36ins) 625mm (24ins)

Cradle Planters
Code Size Height Width
CBL Cradle Barrel 880mm (35ins) 500mm (20ins)
CHD Cradle Hogshead 920mm (37ins) 584mm (23ins)
CPN Cradle Puncheon 1117mm (44ins) 610mm (24ins)
CBT Cradle Butt 1250mm (49ins) 610mm (24ins)

Basket Butt Planter
Code Size Height Width
BBT Basket Butt 1250mm (49ins) 1219mm (48ins)

Barrel Towers
Code Size Height Width
BL2T 2 Tier Barrel Planter 690mm(27ins) 1270mm (50ins)
HD2T 2 Tier Hogshead Planter 900mm (36ins) 1320mm (52ins)
BT3T 3 Tier ButtPlanter 900mm (36ins) 2311mm (91ins)

Half Barrel in full floral display

Cradle Planter

Basket Butt Planter - Create a stunning display with our biggest barrel planter

Two Tier Barrel Planter