Nottingham Range - Modular Handcrafted Seating

Will integrate with any traditional or modern, rural or urban environment

The high specification Nottingham seat and benches range offer a choice of options, 6ft or 8ft lengths, and high backed seating with or without arms and bench styles. The seating area can be offered in a choice of solid hardwood timber carefully selected from renewable sources, recycled polyethylene or mild steel. Steel rails come in a choice of five standard colours but a much wider variety is available to special order. The high specification hardwood finishes; applied to the timber rails as standard, accentuate the natural beauty of the wood.

Technical Specification:

Galvanised and powder coated mild steel with hardwood, recycled polyethylene or steel rails. Available colours for steel rails are black, grey, blue, brown and green.

Code Type Length Width Height
NRB6B Nottingham 6B 1830mm (72ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins)
NRB8B Nottingham 8B 2440mm (96ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins)
NRS6 Nottingham 6S 1830mm (72ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins)
NRS8 Nottingham 8S 2440mm (96ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins)
NRB6SA Nottingham 6SA 1830mm (72ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins)
NRB8SA Nottingham 8SA 2440mm (96ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins)