Shakespeare Range - Grit Bins

Strong, durable protection from the elements

Grit Bins are available in two sizes - 200 litre and 400 litres and are ideal for use in roadside storage, car parks and company premises. Every grit bin is fitted with a lockable electro plated hasp and staple that, like the bins themselves, will not deteriorate through long term exposure to the elements.

Although "grit" is moulded into the front of the bins, removable plates can be made to show "sand" or "fire" at an extra cost if required. Likewise, if a customer wishes to have their company name, logo and contact details moulded into their grit bins we can manufacture a plate that is simply placed into the mould before manufacture and then gives a very clear imprint of the details for some free advertising. An approximate cost of £250 applies to any new plate, and takes two weeks to manufacture.

Tough 100% medium density polyethylene

Code Type Size Height Length Width Weight
SCT200 Titus 200 200 litre 720mm(28ins) 750mm(29ins) 710mm(28ins) 14 Kgs
SCT400 Titus 400 400 litre 1260mm(49ins) 750mm(29ins) 710mm(28ins) 22 Kgs

400 litre and 200 litre Grit bins. Shown in standard yellow, also available in red and green.