Derbyshire Range - Teak Collection

Premier collection of the finest municipal benches available

The Derbyshire ranges of benches are a simple, stylish addition to any municipal park setting. Traditionally crafted to the highest standards with precise attention to detail, such as subtle contoured seats that ensure comfort, along with the smooth velvety finishes to guarantee that clothing is not snagged. Choose any of the classic or contemporary designs here and you will not be disappointed with your choice.

Technical Specification:

Only the finest Grade A teak with its exceptional qualities of warmth, durability and stability has been used to create the municipal park furniture within this range. The teak comes from renewable and sustainable natural grown and strictly managed resources.

Available sizes are as follows:

Code Type Length Width Height Weight
DRB4 Burford 4ft 1260mm (50ins) 480mm (19ins) 950mm (37ins) 18kg
DRB5 Burford 5ft 1560mm (61ins) 480mm (19ins) 950mm (37ins) 20kg
DRE5 Evesham 5ft 1490mm (59ins) 500mm (20ins) 930mm (36ins) 27kg
DRL5 Lingfield 5ft 1500mm (59ins) 470mm (19ins) 940mm (37ins) 25kg
DRM5 Mendip 5ft 1490mm (59ins) 500mm (20ins) 970mm (38ins) 31kg
DRM6 Mendip 6ft 1800mm (71ins) 500mm (20ins) 970mm (38ins) 37kg
DRM8 Mendip 8ft 2320mm (91ins) 500mm (20ins) 970mm (38ins) 50kg
DRS4 Severn 4ft 1280mm (50ins) 430mm (17ins) 880mm (35ins) 24kg
DRS5 Severn 5ft 1490mm (59ins) 430mm (17ins) 880mm (35ins) 27kg
DRS6 Severn 6ft 1800mm (71ins) 430mm (17ins) 880mm (35ins) 32kg
DRW4 Warwick 4ft 1190mm (47ins) 490mm (19ins) 880mm (35ins) 24kg
DRW5 Warwick 5ft 1490mm (59ins) 490mm (19ins) 880mm (35ins) 27kg
DRW6 Warwick 6ft 1800mm (71ins) 490mm (19ins) 880mm (35ins) 32kg
DRW8 Warwick 8ft 2320mm (91ins) 490mm (19ins) 880mm (35ins) 42kg

Code Type Diameter Tree Hole Height Weight
DRTS Tree Seat 2050mm (81ins) 900mm (35ins) 910mm (36ins) 83kg







Tree Seat