Bola del Verde - Truly Distinctive & Decorative

‘Balls of boxwood green’

The Bola del verde is a new product to the UK. It originated in Spain as a stunning replacement or compliment to hanging baskets. They require no maintenance, as there is no watering or feeding to worry about. Unaffected by the British weather, Bola del verde delivers a beautiful look throughout the year.

Technical Specification:

Polyethylene Boxwood on a steel frame

Available in the following sizes:

Code Type Size
BDV350 Bola del verde 350 350mm(14ins)
BDV400 Bola del verde 400 400mm(16ins)
BDV450 Bola del verde 450 450mm(17ins)
BDV500 Bola del verde 500 500mm(20ins)

Superb for all seasons