Africa range - Large Stone Pots

Big Pots with impact, character and attitude

With heights up to 1.60 metre (64ins) and widths or up to 1.1metre (43ins), the Africa range can only be described as Big Pots! The solid construction and considerable size of the planters make them particularly appropriate for displaying plants in a rural or countryside setting and eliminates any requirement for ground fixing. These pots offer a unique look to any planter designed bed or landscape bringing structural perspective and depth to any setting. Despite their size; they are light, resilient and easily manageable. They are robust, strong and winter resistant and can be hand decorated, stained or painted.

Technical Specification:

Individually hand made in new reinforced stone material, in a one step process ensuring that each pot is uniform throughout. Rope is available as an optional extra

Available in grey, beige, terracotta and dark brown with sizes are as follows:

Code Type Diameter Height Weight
ARZ Zambezi 1090mm (43ins) 1630mm (64ins) 66 Kg
ARZH Zambezi+Hole 1090mm (43ins) 1630mm (64ins) 62 Kg
ARB Berg 480mm (19ins) 840mm(33ins) 15 Kg
ARG Gobi 860mm (34ins) 1070mm (42ins) 70 Kg
ARK Kalihari 660mm (26ins) 1090mm (43ins) 57 Kg
ARS Sabi 660mm(26ins) 1370mm(54ins) 60 Kg
ART Tugela 630mm(25ins) 1370mm(54ins) 62 Kg



Zambezi with hole

Gabi & Zambezi with optional rope decoration